Lans engineering has a number of specialism items that are quite unique and that fact that we have a lot of experience on this field projects will be of a high level ans still be finished on a relatively short therm. this will keep the cost low and the level high

Optical designs

we have build many optical / mechnical designs on a broad field of insdustry: space, inspection, vision etc.


Design and manufacturing

we have build hugh number of prototype in several markets. from start to manufacturing and testing.



also for the vacuum industy we have build a large number of instruments. we know exact what the boundries are to make a good vacuum design.



We can provide all FEM calculation to optimize and check the design. typical calculations are static, eigen frequency, Thermal, buckling etc. the baseline is to do the first calculations with Mathcad and finaly check this with FEM calculations. this way of working make the leadtime short and the cost low!