Lans Engineering B.V.

Lans Engineering B.V. is a flexible company that was founded in 2000 by Rob Lansbergen. With their profound experience as an instrument maker, constructor/engineer, head constructor and project leader as a base, Lans Engineering B.V. has proven to be a reliable and versatile technological partner.

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The goal of Lans Engineering B.V. is to help companies to develop new system and always delivers it with a high quality .

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Project experience

Lans Engineering B.V. has a solid practical experience that was gained during the years with the execution of several projects in the following fields:


  • precision-mechanics
  • Vacuum technology
  • Optics
  • Space
  • Sensors
  • Production technologies
  • Control engineering
  • Supervision of projects

Core markets

This specific experience leads to the fact that Lans Engineering B.V. focusses on the following core markets with the aquisition of new projects:


  • Precision-mechanics industry
  • Vacuum technology
  • Machine builders
  • Optical industry
  • Automation industry
  • Institutes


With the execution of these projects Lans Engineering B.V. supports its customers by means of:

  • 3D modeling with the use of NX siemens, Solid Works or a customer specific modeling program
  • Complete design from concept fase to hardware
  • Finite element calculations (stress, heatload, eigenfrequency etc.)
  • Generation of technical drawings (also in AutoCAD format)
  • Profound and clear documentation at project completion including reporting.
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge in many areas.
  • Flexible working attitude

Examples of projects

Examples of recent Lans Engineering projects are the design of:

  • Reticle handler
  • Solar cell production machine
  • In vacuum Robot
  • Spectormeter at satelite
  • Several vacuum systems
  • Particle detection tool